Learning activities

We suggest professional inputs (introducing keynote-themes), exercises and excursions to encourage vital discussions about better collaboration between social work and police.

Professional inputs by guest speakers shall give an impulse for discussion and offer information on professional concepts such as community policing, social pedagogy, prevention & harm reduction, typologies of substances and homelessness, “housing first”, etc.


  • “Meet-and-greet at the market place” – introducing participants
  • “The Derdians” – a simulation game to understand occupational cultures
  • Word clouds to collect and exchange potential prejudice
  • Quizzes using Kahoot (or other online tools)
  • “Improvisation theatre” – role play of situations in practice
  • The “drugs-wheel” to discuss substances
  • Group work, poster sessions and carousel to discuss perspectives on nightlife (youth/police/social work)
  • Real case analysis with experiences from occupational practice
  • Discussion of media reports – TV, radio, newspaper, social media
  • “Wishful thinking” – role play of a fictitious press conference
  • Development of a “code of conduct” for better collaboration.


  • Socio-spatial analyses in inter-occupational teams: Field visit to crime- hotspots and deprived areas in the city with clear instructions for observation
  • Visits to inpatient / outpatient drug rehabilitation centres
  • Visits to facilities for the homeless